Meet The Band

MarkF Mark Frankhouse has been singing and performing in bands for 15 years.  Mark started singing professionally at the School of Rock in Rochester under Eddie Barenek of the Detroit Band The Sights.  Mark has performed in various types of bands including the hard rock band Five X.  Mark is also a current producer at CBS Radio Detroit.  Musical influences include Iron Maiden/J Geils Band/ The Who/ Santana.
Tim Burnham studied musical theory and improvisation early in his career.  Aside from being a gifted rock guitarist, Tim is constantly honing his skills by learning and practicing complex jazz theories and scales.  Tim’s skills range from hip subtle rhythms to grinding lead solos contributing to signature New Fossils variety.
Darby Scott is the most recent addition to New Fossils and is an experienced drummer that has been playing the local scene in the state of Michigan for many years with various bands.  He has played it all; country, rock, punk, originals and covers.  His solid beat keeps New Fossils strong!
GregGood Greg Good‘s experience and interest in being a keyboardist goes all the way back to his childhood. He purchased his first synthesizer, a $1,200 Arp Odyssey, in 7th grade by taking out a loan from his grandfather (paid back in full!). His interest in synthesis and in “getting the right sound” is evident in his performance and music-making capabilities. He’s influenced by and well-versed in a very wide range of music, which has served the New Fossils and their extensive set list very well.
ChrisAdis2PNG Chris Adis has been playing the six string and bass guitar for 20+ years.  His flawless consistent playing is what makes him the anchor of the band. His drive for perfection and relentless practice habits make him able to play effortlessly while conducting the band and managing the stage show.
The Heat is an established horn section consisting of trumpets, saxophone and trombone.  The Heat accompanies New Fossils at expanding their unique sound and song list.
Mark Perry has been singing and performing in bands for 20+ years.  Mark has opened up for legendary acts such as Foghat, Marshal Tucker Band, and BTO.  His extraordinary wide range and vocal dynamics has allowed New Fossils to perform virtually any song.
Neil Johnston’s professional and classical training at esteemed institutions such as Berklee, years of competitive performances, and his sophisticated musical influences have allowed New Fossils to perform songs of which most other bands could only dream.  From heavy synthesizer leads to delicate piano solos, to grinding rock organ, Neil provides every missing link in the musical spectrum.